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Welcome to the official
TopSecret store

Welcome to the official Top Secret server store. To begin shopping, please select a category from the sidebar. Ranks on the store are one-time purchases, in-game keys, cosmetics and more can purchased in game with points! From this page you can buy ranks, items, and other perks to help support the server. Your purchases help to cover the cost of our dedicated servers, backup servers, plugins, website, and other things that make Top Secret run.

Need any questions answered before checkout? Waited more than 20 minutes but your package still has not arrived? Ask the community/staff on Discord, or for payment support, submit a support ticket on our discord.

Refund policy 
All payments are final and non-refundable. Attempting a chargeback or opening a PayPal dispute will result in permanent and irreversible banishment from all of our servers, and other minecraft stores. It could take between 1-20 minutes for your purchase to be credited in-game. If you are still not credited after this time period, please open a support ticket in our discord with proof of purchase and we will look into your issue. Please note, all purchases won't be refunded if you are banned or muted on the server for breaking the rules.


Respect all members and staff:
  - Do not impersonate anyone.
  - Do not reveal any personal information about others.
  - Be kind to others.
No unfair advantages:
  - No cheating.
  - No hacking
  - No exploiting features in any shape or form.
  *Please report to staff through a ticket if you find any.
No offending anyone:
  - No offensive language.
  - No offensive behavior.
No spamming:
  - No repetitive messages
  - No extensive caps.
No griefing:
  - No stealing.
  - No destroying property that isn't yours.
No advertising:
  - Do not promote any server/website here or in-game without staff permission.
  - Do not promote our server through other Minecraft server's.
We don't condone it and they don't appreciate it.
No evading punishments.
  - Evading your punishment can lead to a harsher sentence.
No DDos:
  - Don't grab someone's IP address
  - Don't threaten anyone with doing so.
Speak english in-game:
  - You can dm others in another language but chat is english only.